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Innersloth and Fanart, Fancreations Policy

We’re so thrilled that so many fans have been so excited to show their love for Innersloth by creating fan works. We also know people are really excited to get their hands on merch for Among Us, so we’ve partnered with Innersloth to help them work with creators to get merchandise to you, the fans.  

Because there’s been so much excitement (and some confusion too), we want to take a minute to get everyone on the same page regarding the creation of fanart, fan works, and other items based on Innersloth properties like Among Us and Henry Stickman.  

Although we are honored and overwhelmed by all of the fanart enthusiasm, selling unauthorized merchandise featuring Among Us characters, names, sayings, scenes, stories, and artwork (collectively, the “IP”) is illegal, and a violation of Innersloth’s IP rights. In order to preserve their IP rights, Innersloth can’t allow unlicensed merchandise to be created and sold, without maintaining quality control and oversight. Also, buying your Among Us merch from official sources will ensure that you are supporting the developers that help create the fandoms you love! 

If you are receiving a takedown notice or "DMCA" from whoever you host your items on, it is because we must protect the Innersloth trademark; if there is too much unauthorized use, it could lead to them losing their trademark! However, we want to work with as many fans as we are able to. To that end, we have a link you can visit here, which allows for you to submit through official channels. Please note that we are in the busiest time of year and responses may take 1-5 weeks, depending. Ensuring your 'application' has all relevant information will make this go much quicker! We cannot accept everyone, however, and if you are not accepted you may not continue to produce merchandise. 

We really appreciate your patience and understanding!

To read more about how to submit to create official fanworks (especially if you were issued a DMCA!) please read here