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We’re so thrilled that so many creators have been so excited to show their love for Innersloth by creating fan works. We also know people are really excited to get their hands on merch for properties like Among Us and Henry Stickmin. 

We know many of you have wanted to make sure that you’re buying your merch from official sources and that the team gets your support. Thank you so much for that! Buying licensed merchandise ensures that your money goes towards supporting the developers that help create the fandoms you love.

Because there’s been so much excitement (and some confusion too), we want to take a minute to get everyone on the same page regarding fanart, fan works, and other items created based on properties like Among Usand Henry Stickmin.   

1. We ask if you create something based on our properties, please do not sell it yourself. If you’re hand-making items and sharing them with friends or posting about them on the internet, that’s okay!! But please don’t sell them yourself. We are working on a method to allow fans to sell their merchandise in conjunction with us, so if that’s you: please read on!

2. All merchandise will be handled internally through our partner(s). We will set up the connections with companies who have reached out to us so we can get items created as soon as possible.

3. Please do not vectorize, trace, or otherwise reproduce our  marketing, branding and other assets to use in your items or marketing, branding, or other assets of our partners. (This includes our logos, fonts, or anything that could make it confusing for fans who would see your work and could mistake it for official.)

4. Please do not use title or names in conjunction with the items you share. Here are some examples:

    • OK: [Image of fanart you drew, tweeted with the text “Check out this fanart for Among Us, featuring my friends as the crewmates!”
    • NOT OK: [Image of fanart you drew, with the Among Us logo centered on it.] 
    • NOT OK: [Image of fanart you drew, with “Among Us, by Innersloth.”] This makes it unclear.

5. We reserve the right to reach out to you to ask you to remove infringing material (material that could negatively impact the brand, material that is racist, sexist, or could intentionally or unintentionally hurt another person) on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your cooperation in this! 

We wanted to create this policy to protect you, ourselves, and our intellectual property. All intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks, are expressly reserved to their respective owners. Part of preserving our intellectual property rights requires us to monitor third-party usages, and to not allow licensing without quality controls, so we really appreciate your patience and understanding.  

Portions of this policy may change over time, but for now, we really appreciate your support for our efforts to make quality merchandise! It’s been amazing seeing what you’ve created so far, and we can’t wait to see what we can do together.

If you’d like to work with us, you can follow one of these links to learn more:

Independent Creators

Need to report unlicensed, unofficial merch? Please use: reporting@innersloth.com. All reports will be sent directly to our brand protection team at Morrison Rothman LLP for review. Please do NOT harass, message, or otherwise engage with anyone who is selling unlicensed merchandise. Please allow us to handle this! 



Intellectual property rights are something we take very seriously with the licensing industry and with the variety of small creators we represent and work with. To that end, it is our policy to respond to any notices about alleged copyright infringement per DMCA.

If you believe your work has, for some reason, been infringed upon by one of our artists, creators, or something on our website please let us know!

When reaching out about DMCA issues please ensure you include the following information in your email to merch@innersloth.com:

1. Your Contact Information
    • Full, legal name and name you prefer to go by if necessary. 
    • Company or organization
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Email

2. Links to infringing work, or screenshots

  • Please provide direct link(s) to the items that you believe infringe. 
  • Please use screenshots if this is not available. 

3. Links to your work, or screencaps of where it was originally located, or any supplementary information we can use to validate. 

By submitting you are acknowledging that you either own the rights to the potentially infringing item or you are legally allowed to reach out on behalf of the artist, creator, etc. 

If you are reaching out not officially on behalf of an artist but to make us aware of potentially infringing materials, please still use the same contact information and form and simply let us know you are not the IP holder.