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Partners and Licensees

Innersloth has worked with many fantastic people and companies! Be sure to check them out!

Dual Wield Studio started as a two-person team based out of Seattle built on one goal: Make things we love for the things we love. We want to create merchandise that we're excited for - whether it's for an IP that we're a fan of, or an original design that we think looks beautiful. But beyond that, we want to use it as an opportunity to help our communities. Our partnership was formed out of a shared desire to bridge gaps between IP holders, fans, and independent artists.

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A boutique video games consultancy working with successful indie studios.

Robot Teddy handles both new business development as well as supporting Innersloth in handling Among Us’ runaway success.

We explore and advise on new platform opportunities while handling release management and relationships with existing platforms. We are strategy sounding boards for leadership, leveraging our collective expertise to help Innersloth make smarter and more sustainable decisions on everything from new partnerships and contracts to product direction. We fill knowledge and personnel gaps in all areas from customer support to roadmap planning. We help triage and tackle the challenges that come with being an indie studio

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Collectible 3D Artwork for Your Home Entertainment System

Experience Among Us in a Whole New Dimension - Artovision Creates Dimensional Shadowbox, Desktop, and Art Tile Artwork to Delight Among Us Fans!

Here’s our About Us page which does a great job of telling the story about our Father and Son business.

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Tous Les Jours ('Every Single Day') As the name implies, Tous Les Jours is a bakery with the greatest value of freshness, baked at the store every day. Tous Les Jours opened its first store in 1997, unlike bakeries that were supplied with mass-produced bread from factories at that time, offering freshly baked bread at the store three times a day, creating a new wind of change in the domestic bakery industry.

Bread and Cake Collaboration Tous Les Jours' variety of custom-made flours enhance the unique texture of Among Us bread, maintain its softness for a long time, and allow you to enjoy the deeper flavor of the bread.


Jay Franco’s mission is to create trend-right home products that bring people together, ignite the imagination, and spark happiness. We are a team of dedicated brand fanatics who drive authenticity in products.

Jay Franco curated a specialized assortment of Among Us bedding, bath, and beach products, launching at retail in fall 2021. The thoughtfully-designed collection will delight fans with shaped crewmate pillows, vibrant, silky throws, oversized towels, giftable sets, and more.


Joon International is a Korean Brand Licensing Agency that produces broad forms of service of merchandising, marketing, and broadcasting to our clients.

Collaborating Among Us with various groups and assist marketing.


As an international F&B global company, we provide a variety of fresh donuts and coffee.

Collaboration with Among Us in Korea to promote donuts, collaboration goods, and marketing.


Korea's first independent convenience store franchise, a distribution channel with 1486 stores in Korea.

Gift box collaboration with Innersloth for Valentine's Day and White Day.


A company specializing in household goods that manufactures kitchen and bathroom products and distributes them domestically and internationally.

Maintain partnerships with large discount stores and online channels by collaborating on high-quality products with various characters.

Amon Earth Back-to-School season baby tableware production and category expansion in progress.


Leading the mobile and kidult industries, launching various accessories, cases, and products through various character licenses.

Produced Among Us Phone/Earphone Cases.


Tycoon360 is a licensing agency in Brazil that was born from the joint venture of Brands 360 with Tycoon Enterprises focusing on extending lifestyle, entertainment and corporate ​​brands. Tycoon360 offers the most complete and professional licensing praxis in the region.

Our partnership aims to bring exclusive lines of Among Us products to the Brazilian market.

TOIKIDO is a London based entertainment company at the cutting edge of digital design and toys. With a global reach TOIKIDO have an ecosystem across licensing, gaming, music and entertainment. Passionate and knowledgeable with a culture and structure to move fast.

We are producing a number of key lines in toys, apparel, homewares and collectibles.

TOIKIDO will be supporting with multiple product drops and TV spots but if you are a fan and influencer please get in touch.


Festcolor's main objective is to produce products that can make your party better! Consecrated as a synonym for joy and quality in party items, Festcolor believes that everyday celebrations are very important events in everyone’s lives, as they strengthen family ties and build great friendships.

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For over 40 years Novabrink has been operating as toy manufacturer in Brazil, working with the mission of offering children’s toys that contribute to their physical, intellectual, and emotional development. Their portfolio of active customers consists of more than 6,000 points of sale, including specialized stores and large chains that sell toys.


Established in 2001, it is a well-known company that manufactures cosmetics and wholesales and retails in the household goods and cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic collaboration and promotion targeting teenagers at ENPRANI shop brand 'Holika Holika'


Founded in 1996 and headquartered in São Paulo - Brazil, Pacific is a company dedicated to the development of bags, backpacks, travel bags and other items that are part of the daily lives of their consumers. Their research is focused on innovation, and they seek inspiration in fashion and market trends, developing products with design, functionality, and quality - specially designed for the needs of those who need to carry a versatile life.

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With 96 years of solid and successful history, Indústria Gráfica Foroni, one of the leading companies in stationary items, is part of the education and culture of all Brazilians. The result of this successful trajectory was strengthened and in mid 2019, Foroni was incorporated into the ACCO Brands group. Foroni is a company open to the world, with culture, customs and people that inspire them to develop products with original and authentic concepts that delight consumers of all generations.

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C&A is an international chain of apparel stores. In Brazil, it is one of the largest department store chains in the country. C&A was the first fashion retail company in the country to include themes related to sustainability in its campaigns, aiming to be a platform for people to express themselves and offer fashion with a positive impact. For generations, the company has successfully led the way in offering more affordable clothes in the latest styles and fashion.

Today, in Brazil, C&A has more than 280 stores in 125 cities and more than 15 thousand employees.


Grendene was founded in 1971, in Brazil, and is one of the world's largest footwear producers and one of the major references in licensing. It has proprietary and exclusive technology in the production of shoes for women, men and children. The company owns well-known and successful brands, such as Melissa, Grendha, Zaxy, Rider, Cartago, Ipanema, Pega Forte and Grendene Kids.

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Being one of the leading suppliers of licensed home textile and apparel products to all key retailers, it is our mission to bring leading brands and fashionable collections of licensed home textile and apparel products to all homes in Europe. Social media, movies, TV, sports, music and many other factors influence the dreams of all children, youth and adults. It is our clear ambition to make dreams come through and make our products available to all consumers around Europe. Our team continues to develop innovative and creative designs following the newest trends. We work with all major entertainment and brand companies in the world such as Universal, Disney, Warner Bros., Bravado, Emoji, Adidas, Hasbro, Mattel, and many more.