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Among Us: MIRA’s Suspiciously Delicious Impasta & Beanaroni

New! From MIRA’s Whole Bean Organics, MIRA’s Suspiciously Delicious Impasta™️!

Hungry for something a little different? Don’t sabotage dinnertime with the same old boring meal. MIRA’s is the only brand made with 100% Organic and Cruelty-Free* space ingredients. Our Impasta has a unique taste, texture, and flavor that you’ll love. It is Suspiciously Delicious, trust us.

Also looking to make mealtime fun for the kiddos? Take a stab at MIRA’s Whole Bean Organics Whole Bean Beanaroni™️! Made with smooth, creamy, melty cheese, 100% Organic Whole Beans, and Cruelty-Free* space ingredients. Every cubic inch is packed with cosmic flavor that’s simply to die for.

*MIRA’s Whole Bean Organics Whole Bean Beanaroni™️ and Suspiciously Delicious Impasta™️ are made up of approximately 5% Cruelty-Free Space Ingredients


✰ This is not an actual product for sale, it is a dream composed of pixels. Or a nightmare. Up to you.

Design: Abby Palma
Composition: Katie McDermott